Elementary Strings

Come be a part of the Plateau Region Elementary Orchestras!

REGISTRATION is now OPEN for this school year.
Please click on the registration link on the side bar to sign up.
You’ll learn how to play an instrument from the string family of instruments, how to read music, and how to play on your own as well as with a group of other students. You’ll also have the opportunity to perform and show off your talents throughout the year!  Be a part of something cool and fun, make new friends, and build a new and unique talent with orchestra this year!
All classes are held at Mead Elementary School from 7:30-8:30 a.m. in The Commons.  Please arrive 10 minutes early to allow students to set up before orchestra.
Visit our new FAQ page to find out more!!


The String Orchestra Instruments
Violin—Unaltered for centuries, the violin is perhaps the most widely recognized orchestral instrument. Whether you call it a violin or a fiddle, it is the string family’s highest voice. High pitched, beautifully toned, the violin is often used as a lead or solo instrument, particularly in music demanding fast passage work.
Viola—Played under the chin much in the same manner as the violin, the viola is slightly larger and tuned differently. A larger tone chamber endows the viola with its mellow qualities and enables it to produce somber, moody tones.
Cello—Officially known as the violoncello, the cello produces deep lower registers and subdued higher tones. Unlike the violin or the viola, the cello is supported on the floor by an endpin while the seated performer steadies the instrument with his or her knees.
String Bass—The string family’s largest instrument, the string or double bass may be played with the bow or plucked by hand. The bass is the deepest voice of the string family and can function as a rhythmic accompaniment or as a solo instrument. The deep response of the bass gives foundation and “bottom” to the orchestra. 

Here is a demo video of the orchestra and band instruments. If you wish to play in orchestra, you would play a string instrument - one of the first four on the video.  
If you wish to play a different instrument, you would register for band - contact Mr. Elliot Westom ewestom@lwsd.org if interested in band.

ELC Elementary Orchestra and Band Program

Beginning Orchestra - No experience necessary!  
Schedule:    Violins/Violas meet MONDAYS and Fridays.
                     Cellos/Basses meet WEDNESDAYS and Fridays.
Supplies:     Instrument
                     Shoulder rest for violins/violas
                     Music Book
                     Pencil - ALWAYS keep one in your case 
                     Rosin (Pop's bass rosin for basses)
                     Soft cloth for cleaning instrument
                     Rock stop/endpin holder for cellos/basses
                     Music Stand- Link: Music Stand
Concert Attire:    Plateau Elementary Orchestra T-shirt and black pants/skirt.
Intermediate Orchestra - One or more years of experience.  

Schedule:    All intermediates meet TUESDAYS and THURSDAYS.
                    Essential Elements for Strings, Book 2 with EEinteractive
                    Pencil - ALWAYS keep one in your case 
                    Rosin (Pop's bass rosin for basses)
                    Soft cloth for cleaning instrument
                    Shoulder rest for violins/violas 
                    Rock stop/endpin holder for cellos/basses
Concert Attire:   Plateau Elementary Orchestra T-shirt and dressy black on bottom.
Any further questions?  Contact Mr. Tyler Rath at trath@lwsd.org

Concert attire for both elementary groups is:
Dressy black pants or long skirt
(if a shorter skirt is worn, leggings must be worn underneath - we are on a raised stage)
and our Plateau Orchestras t-shirt!!!

Tshirt order forms are here:

Orders are due November 15th!



September Band and Orchestra Information Night for students and parents
September 24th at 7:00 PM

Blue: Beginning only

Green: Intermediate and Advanced only

Orange: All Groups


Orchestra Concerts at the Inglewood Middle School Performing Arts Theatre

December 12, 2019           Elementary Orchestra Concert- time: 6:30 pm Band, 7:30 pm Orchestra

January 23, 2020              I Heart Strings Concert-location and time: TBA (for intermediates)

TBA                Intermediate Orchestra Plateau Concert (Intermediates only)

March 5, 2020                Beginning Orchestra Concert (Beginners only) - 6:30 pm

May 21, 2020             Elementary Orchestra Concert (All Elementary Orchestras) - 6:30 pm Band, 7:30 pm Orchestra