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Orchestra 7/8

For the most current orchestra information, please see the Orchestra 7/8 Power school page.


Announcements/Upcoming Events
First Day of School
September 4, 2018
See you then! No Instruments Required!

Concert Attire

All black, semi-formal attire

Black blouse or shirt with some sort of sleeve - NOT sleeveless
Black pants or looooong (mid calf or ankle length) skirt
Black socks/hose and black dress shoes

Black, long sleeved, button down shirt
Black dress pants
Black socks and black dress shoes
Silver Necktie - we will group order in September

Class Supplies

The following supplies are required for class:

"Essential Techniques for Strings" Book 3

Shoulder rest for violins/violas

Rock Stop/Endpin holder for cellos/basses